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Logement Petit Beijers is a beautiful boutique hotel for anyone who wants to experience Utrecht to its fullest. It is quite different from your regular hotel. Located in the heart of the city centre, in the shadow of the Dom Tower on the Vismarkt. You’ll spend the night in characteristic canal houses located on the famous Oudegracht, each room being unique. The renovation and furnishing of the building was realised by antique dealer and monument enthusiast Bert Degenaar, known for the Dutch television programme ‘Van onschatbare waarde’. The rooms are very attractive, cosy and provide all modern conveniences.

What makes our Logement so different, you may ask? Our nine rooms are spread out over two canal houses at Vismarkt 16-18. Logement Petit Beijers is a small-scale and charming boutique hotel in a 15th century building with a rich history. We are more like a cozy B&B with personal service than an anonymous hotel. Like coming home! Soep-er, our charming and cozy soup bar located on the ground floor, is the place where we prepare breakfast in the early mornings and where we make the most delicious soups, coffees and homemade bakery. Bonus: this also is the spot where breakfast will be served and the check-in and check-out will happen here as well! The actual rooms are located on the other floors. All this in a monumental canal house. Fantastic, right!?

About us

After completing the Hospitality Business School, passionate entrepreneurs Janine and Tom gained years of experience in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia. For a long time they had dreamed of starting their own hospitality business. Tom: “We’ve learned a lot and gathered new insights and inspiration. Now it’s time to start our own business. A dream is about to come true!”

Janine: “After our successful crowdfunding campaign for Soep-er, we are very proud to now also run Logement Petit Beijers. The rooms suit our style, are cosy and are certainly unique. Exactly what we envisioned!”

The location is particularly great; our characteristic canal houses are located on the famous Oudegracht and right next to the Dom Tower.
A stay at Logement Petit Beijers is certainly not your regular hotel experience and the Logement is perfectly located to experience everything that makes Utrecht special.

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